New Year. Reboot. Start Fresh.

Our bodies greatly benefit from lightening the load once in a while.  It is all too easy to over indulge, and we feel the effects over time. These exposures can leave us feeling tired and mentally dull with weak and ineffective digestion, broken sleep, increased pain, and low mood, to name a few.   Don't settle for low function. Let's take action together!

This reboot is based on the latest scientific evidence  to safely and rapidly stimulate your body's detoxification and healing processes, especially if you desire to lose weight, decrease inflammation, improve mental clarity, energy, digestion, and sleep.     These outcomes are reached by ridding ourselves of accumulated toxins, chemicals, and burdens that bog down our bodies, while adding in nutrient density that up-levels our health across the board.   

This upgrade leaves us feeling light, energetic, happy, and ready to take on the world! 


The Quick Start Detox Program is powerful and time-tested. Combining the power of food as medicine, inspiration, support from community, and the guidance of having a coach, the results with the Quick Start are inevitable and long-lasting.

Most commonly reported benefits include...

  • Weight Loss

  • Improved Energy

  • Decreased Food Cravings

  • Improved Digestion / Decreased Bloating

  • Better Sleep

  • Clearer Skin

  • Decreased Pain

Quickstart Breakdown

This 4-week experience includes a 3-week detox period. We take time to prepare before beginning and help you transition when complete. This cleanse does not include pills and shakes! Instead, we rely on the healing power of delicious, whole, living foods.

Online Course with videos breaking down the Why, What, and How of this plan.  Until now, the course was only available to program members.  Value: $827 

QuickStart Folder - containing instructions, 3 week meal plan, grocery lists, and recipes.  (Provided both digitally and paper form mailed to you) Developed by doctors and tested for nearly 20 years, the plan has helped thousands begin the healing process, helping them to feel better, stronger and healthier in just 3 weeks. Value: $692

Private facebook accountability and support group - This is how we stay connected and how you receive community support as well as coaching. We know you are busy!  You can hop on pre-scheduled FB Lives or catch up in the feed when YOU have the time. We also love for you to post your progress or questions at any time for feedback from your cleansing community. You'll have direct access to health coaches who will guide you through the detox. Value: $397 

Total Value: $1,916

Today's Investment: $497 ($297 with our code!)

In celebration of the 2022, we're offering a $200 discount to the first 22 people who join us! Use the code 2022ismyyear.


Energy and Weight Loss!

-Jackie A 54

Within 1 and a half weeks into the cleanse I no longer needed Tums, heartburn was gone. This plan was so easy to follow, I loved how planned out it was for me. I did not have to think, I just followed the plan and it worked! I was scared of the intermittent fasting , and it turned out to be my favorite part. I love being in control of how i feel. My body responded right away with more energy, and I have lost 17lbs! I have so much more awareness of what I am eating and the importance of quality. I get it now.

I Was Not Hungry!!

Kathy 63

I was shocked that i stuck with this cleanse until the end. I usually struggle with things like this, and was not sure how i would do. I was not hungry which helped so much and I love the food I was preparing. I did not realize how much the quality of food I was eating declined over time. Now I am craving healthier food. I can tell the difference in my body, i feel so much lighter but also so much energy! I am so happy I took the leap. The coaching and step by step plan where a life saver.

I stuck with it!

Kim 44

This plan got me right back on track! I used to eat much healthier but got into a rut, I am a mother of 2 and I let my health slip. I tried to get back on track myself but could not stick with anything. This plan was perfect for me because I had a coach and a very clear plan that I followed to a T . I love the weight loss, but my inflammation is down and my digestion is better than ever! I love looking at my plate and seeing all the colors of fresh real food!

Easier than I expected and it worked!

David P

I was amazed at how easy the detox program was to follow, and how easy the menu of food items were to prepare. I don't enjoy cooking or food preparation, and it was easy for me to do. I was never hungry nor did I crave any of my old comfort foods. I highly encourage anyone to get involved with this program if you want to improve your health and lose weight. The program is easy to follow, and they have plenty of resources in their Lifestyle learning center to help you achieve your goals. The doctors, coaches, and staff are all there to help you reach your goals and they are an amazing and positive group of people that actually listen and want to see you succeed. I lost 38 pounds, I sleep better, my cholesterol is below 200 for the first time in 30 years, and I feel great! Best of luck on your journey, we're all pulling for you!

I Put My Health First!!

Laurie C 51

I was really nervous starting something new, But I also knew that I had to make some changes for my health. When I started the cleanse, I was surprised at how easy it was to follow and I actually loved the food! My body responded positively to the cleanse also; within a week, I had more energy, I lost a couple pounds and I lost the brain fog. 6 months later, I’ve reached my weight goal, and my health has improved exponentially!!! I feel Fantastic!!!

Off My Medications!

Lynn S

I had battled with with digestive issues, high blood pressure and high cholesterol for years. In December 2019 I had hiatal hernia/ acid reflux surgery. It helped one thing but seemed to cause other digestive issues which brought me to AZNH. After the second week in, not only was my digestion improving, but I was also able to get off my blood pressure meds and still do not need them. I could not believe how quickly that has improved. Also after about a month I had more blood work done and found my cholesterol was finally after about a 10 year battle, back to normal levels. I was also borderline diabetic and my that is also back to a normal level. I love this lifestyle and always continue to do so.

Your Arizona Health Center Community

Our doctors, health coaches, and member support team are here to help!

Consult Your Doctor If....

If you suffer from the following conditions, please be sure to check in with your primary care physician before starting this program.

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

  • High Blood Pressure Medication - This program has proven very effective in lowering blood pressure that your needs for medication may rapidly decrease within the first 1-2 weeks. Please consult your doctor before starting this 3 week program to help get guidance on how to safely modify your medication dosages if needed.

  • Insulin Dependent Diabetes - Note that if you take insulin shots for diabetes, this program is so effective at lowering blood sugar that your needs for insulin could rapidly decrease within the first 1-2 weeks. Please consult your doctor before starting the 3 week program to help get instructions for how to safely modify your insulin dosages to avoid low blood sugar.

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